Every year on Easter we join my husband’s family for brunch, and my family for dinner.  This year, for the first time, I wanted to cook a special meal just for the four of us.  It’s something I’m trying to start each holiday when I know we will be spending the actual day away from our house as a special tradition for only the four of us.  Since my husband doesn’t like Ham, I decided to cook a yummy Braised Lamb leg – which my oldest son also ended up loving!  To keep things easy, I made Ina’s Make-Ahead mashed potato casserole and a really simple baked mac-and-cheese (both which I put together the day before).   I also threw in one of my favorite new side dishes – roasted carrots w/garlic butter.  For Dessert I whipped up some mini cheesecakes that could also help decorate the table.  All together it was a really lovely way to spend the night together before the busy Easter shuffle.