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May 2024 Round Up

After a longer than expected break I’m back on the blog and the one thing I’m not going to do is start off with an apology about it. I keep a draft of blog topics and at the start of the year I jotted down for the month of March “keep things more open to new opportunities for myself and my boys; don’t’ be so tied to my own home while still fitting in the projects that make me happy.” Not saying I’m prophetic or anything but when I wrote that I really didn’t know just how much I would need to remind myself of that affirmation over the last three months.

If I got back and read my monthly posts from over the last year a lot have been ruminations on being more flexible with my time and less hard on myself when I have to take things off of my list and resist adding them back until I was ready…and wouldn’t you know it in the last few months I was confronted with precisely the opportunity to put it into practice. I took the time I needed to sit my butt down when my body needed to overcome sickness and I put down the tools (keyboard included) so I could focus on the new priorities that needed my attention this year. To be honest, I may now be itching to get my hands on a new project but I will take that over the sheer exhaustion that I felt as school wound down last year from taking on too much at a time.

Create space for Self-Service Snacks

One thing no one ever tells you to prepare for when you start a family is how to make sure you have enough snacks in the house! School snacks, afternoon snacks, “grab something quick while we jump in the car” snacks….just to name a few. Once your kids are old enough to trust on their own do yourself a favor and make your snacks self-service. I keep all of ours organized in my pantry drawers and backstock them with monthly Costco trips – but even a higher shelf (like the one we keep our cereal on) can be accessible to kids with an easy to grab stool.

Blanket Baskets

I’m pretty incapable of being able to snuggle up on the couch without a blanket no matter the time of year so I keep them all over the house and there’s really no easier way to store them then in a basket. Not only are they practical but they also help fill up empty floor space and add some height differences to a space. For added texture I love using woven baskets either out of natural fibers like seagrass or rope.

It’s almost CSA season again so the few times that I got to cook this spring I really tried to use up as much of the frozen product I had saved from last summer:

IKEA Mudroom Locker Hack

Using a combo of IKEA 24″ and 80″Sektion cabinets to create individual lockers for your family:

  • Cut the back of the 80″ cabinets to size to keep the “locker” section open; if you choose to add the upper cabinet door you will be able to use the middle shelf as open storage for each locker.
  • Use simply white trim to fill the space between the wall and the cabinets and caulk the whole thing to make it look seamless
  • Painted the wall white to match your cabinets
  • Add your hooks directly to the drywall using anchors if needed.

February 2024 Round Up

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June 2024 Round Up

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