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June 2024 Round Up

I was setting up my patio at the start of this month and it dawned on me that just around the same time last year I was wrapping up the One Room Challenge and for a minute I had some serious FOMO about not doing it again this Spring…which believe it or not I still ALMOST signed up for in a moment of delusion even though I know that I felt like I was playing catch up for the rest of the year after I finished the patio. As much as I’ve been enjoying a slower pace and opportunity to put my energy into non-home improvement projects — I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tempting to dive headfirst into something big.

Relaxing is a skill that I don’t think I’ll ever fully master, but it’s much easier to not feel the DIY FOMO if I’m not at home so looking back I’m incredibly grateful that I spent most of last month on the baseball field cheering on my oldest son, helping out with end of the year activities at the school, and getting out for some much needed time with friends. Oh and of course enjoying all the hard work I put into the patio last year to make the perfect place to spend some quiet time alone on warm summer nights.

Hide your Cords and Chargers

Wanna know one of my major social media pet peeves? When people photoshop out cords from their photos. Especially when there are so many ways you can hide them with just a little creativity and DIY. First off – when you’re planning a space make sure you think about your electric needs at the start instead of the end. Second – don’t be afraid to drill holes into your furniture if needed…especially in the back, bottom or tops of furniture to help hide cord mess. Third – think about your families charging needs and consider hidden charging ports in drawers, desktops, or beside tables. My three top tools for corralling the cord clutter – Zip ties, Velcro strips, and surge protectors with built in USB ports.

European Pillows and Shams

I don’t have a ton of bed making tips – besides making it every morning which I am a huge advocate for! – but the one thing that I do suggest to anyone looking to upgrade the look of their bed is to add European Pillows to their headboard. Unlike your regular rectangular pillow, these are square (generally 26″x26″) and you can find the inserts anyone you’d find standard pillows. I love them because they easily add height and fullness to your bed especially if you’re not a fan of accent pillows. They’re also really great if you opt to forgo the headboard, like I did in my bedroom.

I’m such a sucker for Bistro Lights and no one will convince me that they aren’t absolutely magical. I added a wall of lights to my yard a few years ago simply by attaching some pressure treated 2x4s to my fence posts and with some cup hooks to hold strands of bistro lights. We keep these up all year and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that we have had to replace very few bulbs in that time period. An outdoor timer turns them on every night when the sun goes down and it makes the patio even more special each evening.

May 2024 Round Up

June 3, 2024