Summer BBQ Recipes

Summer BBQ Recipes

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For the last few year’s we’ve taken part in Crop Share at a local farm – so once the summer gets rolling most of my recipes involve lots of combinations of the fresh veggies that come home every other week.  This month I’ve put together a few of my favs that work great on a weeknight at home, or on the road to a neighborhood BBQ.

My Favorite Guacamole Recipe – I start with the mashed avocado and then mix in the veggies;  I don’t eat cilantro and prefer to get my heat from the Tabasco instead of peppers but you could always add either

2 mashed Avocados

Small Chopped Tomato

Small Chopped Red Onion

1-2 cloves Minced garlic

1/2 Juice from Lime

Few dashes of Tabasco Sauce

Salt to Taste

Fresh Made Salsa –  I almost always will get enough produce from the farm to whip up a batch of the salsa recipe from the Magnolia cookbook (Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Garlic).  Use your food processor and it comes together super quick.

Mardi Gras Coleslaw – I use my food processor to shred the cabbage and carrots for a super fine coleslaw, and I mix the dress on the side then slowly add it in.  Click here for the recipe.

Loaded Baked Potato Salad – You can use any kind of potato that you like for this recipe, but red potatoes are my favorite – I just boil them on the stove instead of baking them.  I also prefer to use shredded cheese so it mixes better.  Click here for the recipe.

Fried Chicken with Honey/Chili Sauce – On those hot days the last thing you want to do is stand over the stove so I love to pick up a take out tray of tasty fried chicken and then mix up a tasty sauce to go with it.  My favorite couldn’t be simpler – just mix together equal parts honey and hot sauce and pour it on!  Spicy, sweet and awesome.