House Construction

Damn Boxes

For some reason this is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of boxes, probably because 75% of my brain is full of Simpsons episodes

The sentiment is dead on though – currently our life is only boxes. We are now 8 days out from closing (got pushed back to the day after Memorial day) so things are pretty hectic, but wanted to share a few shots me and my mom grabbed this morning.  Here’s a truncated list of what’s been going on in Sellersville:

– Kitchen countertops and appliances are in
– All bath fixtures are in
– All lights are in
– All floors are in
– Door and doorknobs are in
– Lampost installed outside
– Sidewalk and walkway framed out
– Probably lots of stuff that I’m forgetting but trust me it’s all good!

Sorry been lagging on the posts, but have a lot brewing in my head including an extra large “Favorite Things” list, a little nostalgia about Pottstown, and what Blake made for Mother’s Day.

Wish us luck – the next time I post we’ll hopefully finally be in our new zip code!

T Minus 16 days

May 5, 2014