House Construction

Two Weeks In…..

So we’re now two weeks in the house and things are starting to feel a lot more comfortable.  Boxes are getting emptied and thrown in the basement, Blake is chasing Cash around, Grayson is smiling and being his wonderful self — so feel like this is a good time to share a little update of how things are going.

Before the picture-sharing-explosion, it’s time for some long overdue thank you’s to the people who made this life-changing opportunity possible for me and Jon:

  • First and foremost, none of this would have been possible without the amazing generosity of two wonderful women.  You are very missed and your memory will live on in the home that we will build together.  I will work my hardest to pay forward your generosity to my boys so that they can make their dreams come true too!
  • Thank you to my wonderful parents, who (among countless other things) helped get our townhouse ready to sell, watched the boys and the dog whenever we needed it, moved and stored A LOT of our stuff in their basement, gave us a temporary house while we got things set up in Sellersville, and supported us in countless ways before/during/and after these last 6 months of craziness!!  We owe you so much
  • A huge thank you to our “movers” who gave their blood, sweat, and tears (OK, no one actually cried…they’re all very manly and strong) to move us out and in.  It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done that on our own…..a big thank you party is coming your way!
  • Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave us your encouragement, excitement, and well wishes!!  Sharing this process and reading the comments you left would often give me the little boost I needed to keep going

    Now – onto the show!!  Here are some BEFORE and AFTERs showing what the house looked like the day we closed, and what it looks like today

    (Note: These pics were strategically taken right before/during the kids nap time and after a thorough clean-up….please don’t believe that our house is this neat while hurricane Blake is home)











    I was going to share some bathroom pics, but there’s nothing more exciting than towels going on in there right now, so I’ll save that until we actually get to get some paint or tile up.  But I would like to share the following two special shout outs….

    GARAGE – Jon spent his Father’s Day cleaning this out so we can actually park a car in it so a big thank you to him!

    BASEMENT – It’s pretty sad right now, except for this cozy beirut area that Alex set up/gifted so another big thank you to him!

    Next up – more unpacking, more hanging, more organizing…and then it’s on to plan my big guy’s third Birthday!!!  Until then, enjoy this beautiful weather and Happy Spring : )

    A Tree Grows in Pottstown

    August 5, 2014