A Tree Grows in Pottstown

One of the hardest things to leave behind when we left Pottstown was our the apple tree in our backyard. We had planted it a few years ago as a memorial to something very dear we had lost, so it held a great amount of sentimental value to us.

We had discussed possibly digging it up and attempting to move it with us, but we didn’t want to take the risk that it could die during transport. We also toyed with the idea of taking a sapling and trying to grow a new tree from it, but I have no skills with plants and no idea where to begin doing something like that. Then I decided just to take the really easy route to take a piece of it with us and just press a few of the flowers and frame them.

GOB Foot Photobomb!!

The tree was in full bloom so I was able to snip two beautiful buds. I had no idea how to actually press these and have them keep, so I found a few tips via google, and the process was actually extremely simple. I just laid the flowers out within the pages of a heavy book (nerd alert – decided to use a book of Monet’s Water Lilies paintings so I wouldn’t forget where they were). The tips I read said to place two pieces of computer paper on either side, and then to change the paper each week. I did this for 3 weeks, and by the end I had two very well pressed flowers.

I grabbed two of my favorite Ikea Ribba frames, and some leftover hand-made paper I had from these large pressed flower prints my mom let me have, and voila….two wonderful remembrances of our little apple tree!

Two Weeks In.....

June 16, 2014