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Grown Up Bathroom – Phase 1

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing – Time to Paint Again!  Hurrah!!  Eaphis had the great idea to go ahead and finally bust out our Master Bath last night and just like that we’re one step closer to our “Grown Up Bathroom”.  Unlike the other two bathrooms this is going to be a much more gradual process with basically everything except re-tiling the shower and bathub being a “Phase 1” and then the shower and bathtub being a “Phase 2” mostly because I’m still deciding how much I actually want to try to DIY myself and how much I need to hire help for.

I’ve been doing small changes to the room since we moved in but since we just finished two of the bigger projects figured it was the perfect chance to start sharing the progress in here (for those of you playing along at home I included another handy checklist at the end).

As I mentioned, one of the big projects was painting, but the other one was re-staining the vanity.  My original plan was to paint it gray (it was the boring builder honey oak) but when I saw that the Gel Stain I used for the boys bathroom came out with a Gray version I decided to give that a try first…BEST DECISION EVER!! I’ve said it before, but if you are thinking of doing something similiar I cannot recommend this method enough.  No crazy sanding or priming involved, and you can still see the wood grain through the stain so it gives it a much more natural look.

I also added some pull out shelves where the fake drawer fronts were…these are a super pain in the ass to put in but worth it in the end.

Right now there’s a definite “girly” vibe going on but I feel confident that the updates I’ve got planned with balance that out….Eaphis has already brought up his go to suggestion “Add More Skulls”, so there’s always that if all else fails

Master Bathroom Checklist
– Add accent wall behind sink
– Replace lights
– Replace tile floor
– Replace door trim
– Add window trim
– Replace accent tile
– Build Shelves
– Replace sink fixtures
– Add picture frames and art work
– Add Crown molding


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