House Construction

Some Light Trespassing….

As an early birthday present for Jon, we took a little trip to the new house this weekend and broke let ourselves in.  We had stopped by earlier and saw that the walls were up and it was just too tempting to not take a look.  This was the first opportunity we have had since we visited the model house* so long ago to see the real layout of the house.  It was very overwhelming;  I still can’t believe that in just about a month I will be standing in that kitchen and waking up in that bedroom.

Progress Made (from what we could see):
– Drywall up throughout the house
– Shutters installed
– Garage Doors installed….Love them!!

Considering I only have packed up two boxes since we did our initial super-decluttering, I might want to start concentrating on that first, ya think?

Apologies for the grainy pictures…it was getting pretty dark when we went back…..

*When we went to visit the model house, it was in this development near Quakertown that was still being sold.  When we pulled up, the neighbor came out to tell us that it was a great house and we should buy it.  He then proceeded to start doing squat thrusts in the middle of the cul-de-sac and we spotted him later lifting a large barbell in the middle of his driveway (I’ve also been told that he has a huge tire that he likes to roll down the street).  So if anybody is looking for an EXTREMELY AWESOME neighbor, I’m farily certain that house is still looking for an owner.

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