House Construction

Framing the First Floor

So we got an email from the head contractor on our new place, so we knew that some framing had been done.  We were NOT expecting this much framing to be done!!! You can actually start to see how our first floor is going to be laid out.  Jon pointed out that the right 1/2 is basically our entire townhouse.  Man this place is going to feel so big.

Here’s Jon gazing thoughtfully at the construction…unfortunately we couldn’t sneak in for a closer view because of that moat they dug in front…they must have known we were coming

The thing that I love is that this the first floor of this house is laid out exactly like our current house (if you’ve been to our house you can see what I mean in the below floor plan).  I feel like this way we’ll always have a reminder of the house that we built our family in

Here’s a view from the back.  Our morning room will now be where our kitchen table goes and our TV area will migrate to our upstairs loft.  This pic really reminds me of some kind of modern take on an Ansel Adams print.

There’s 4 other houses in various stages of completion in the neighborhood.  Here’s a model that’s pretty close to ours, but it shows what our facade will look like, 1/2 stone 1/2 siding.  We actually got the stone for free from the builder because we’re the first house you see when you drive in (woohoo!).  Our siding will be white w/black shutters…so w/the stone it won’t totally look like a mini version of Casa de Klebba

They said that we might have a roof by the beginning of next week so watch out for my next update for some more serious progress