House Construction

Moving right along…….

Been a little lagging in getting a house update on the blog….mostly because I wasted a lot of energy trying to figure out how to upload a video that my dad took of him and Blake breaking and entering into the house one rainy day (as you’ll notice – I never figured it out)  Cute as the video was, I was really trying to post it because in this state, it’s tough to get a feeling for the house layout from still pictures, but a video really shows you how the space feels when you walk around – and who wouldn’t love to have Blake as their tour guide?

Anyway – here are a lot of pics from a few collected visits.  Next time we visit I’ll hopefully be able to get a video but we may have drywall up at that point…which will just be crae- crae

In case you’re keeping track, here is a list of the last few things that went into the house after framing:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Cable/Ethernet Rough Ins
  • Our basement slab has also been poured but due to a water issue I wasn’t able to get down there
Some exterior shots…

Some Shots of the neighborhood
A lot of Interior Shots…
Living Room/Morning Room

Mudroom Entrance

Morning Room

I think somewhere upstairs??

Boys Bedrooms

Living Room

Kitchen (and our project manager)

And some shot of the boys…just for the hell of it : )

It's Official!!

April 16, 2014