House Construction

Two Floors are Better than One

Got a very exciting call from our project manager while I was away in Chicago that our roof was on, as well as our door and windows!  So just had to drop by to see the progress as soon as I got home.  Tried to get a picture of what the house looks like on the drive up… lonely

So here it is!!!  All two stories (and one giant bowling alley in the basement).  I can’t believe that it was actually standing right there in front of me.  Things will go really quickly now that the roof’s on, and the fact that we’ll be packing up the rest of the house very very soon fills me with a 50/50 anxiety/excitement combination.

The second floor is where you can really start to feel the size of the house.  Some of the things that we are most excited about are 1) the Loft area in between the bedrooms; this makes the 2nd floor feel really open, 2) the tray ceiling in the bedroom, 3) the 3 windows in Blake’s room (bedroom #3) which may eventually become the boys play room, 4) the seat in the shower (I think I’m more excited about that), and 5) the separate master closets (see that big room in the top right corner?  All mine!)

I tried to grab some pics of the interior, but a certain little man was NOT happy about not being able to run around the dangerous construction zone, so I only got a few.  We have our pre-drywall meeting next week and I’ll be able to take a lot more, but here’s a quick one of the loft area and guest bedroom.  Who gets dibs on the first overnight stay?