Who wants to come over for Dinner?

I have a few small things to finish in the bathroom before I share a final blog on that, but wanted to knock one more project off my list before the nice weather disappears.   So while taking a much needed break from work I tackled my biggest building project and now we finally have a kitchen table that can fit my whole family for dinner!

It really wasn’t that difficult but it did require all of the tool arsenal that me and my dad have been amassing and a lot of focus.  The plan itself came from one of my favorite DIY sites Shanty-2-Chic.  If you are looking for plans to build furniture yourself, or just some good inspiration I highly recommend taking a look through their site – they have lots of table plans besides this one.

I probably could have made things much easier on myself by picking something easy, but me being me I picked a plan with a pretty complicated set of table legs – I wanted to be able to fit as many chairs around this thing as possible so the “X” legs let’s us do that.  I took a look at the table that inspired this one from Restoration Hardware and it said that the design was suppose to look like it was made from old railroad ties.  Oh and btw, that table was around $2500!!!  Don’t like to talk money but let’s just say this was CONSIDERABLY less.

I went back and forth on the stain but finally settle on a two – tone distressed effect with a dark brown tone underneath and then a gray tone on top….it kinda makes the wood look like’s it’s been faded in the sun.  It may have turned out a little darker then I originally wanted, but now that we’ve lived with it for a day I think I really like it.  Am thinking about adding lighter cushions to the benches that will eventually be on either side – good idea / bad idea?

So now we finally have a table that fits the room and can fit 10 people – which was my goal.  Glad I went for it on this one – I learned a lot of extremely good lessons and am already daydreaming about what to build next – after I finish the bathroom and build these benches of course.

 My little helper / photobomber – how young is too young to use power tools?

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