Guest Bathroom FINAL UPDATE!

So my powder room has been making me angry lately…angry enough to grab my crowbar.  But before I start tearing up molding (or a few hours afterwards…who’s counting) I wanted to close the books on the guest bathroom blog-wise.  I’ve been holding off posting this (I actually did finish before GOBs bday) because I needed to make some small fixes and thought maybe I would try to finish off all of the last to-dos on my list before I shared….but after a few weeks away from it I realized that the small fixes don’t bother me as much as they used to and things are more than OK enough to share a final post on this project… without further ado, here’s what she looks like today:

I can’t describe how cozy it feels in here and how happy it makes me!  I didn’t want to bore everyone with all of the detailed step-by-steps of all of the last little projects, so here are some of the highlights…..

I ran the beadboard really high so that it cleared the outlets and also gave the medicine cabinets a built in look (these were from Home Decorators BTW and have chalkboards inside so I can harass the boys as they get older to Brush Their Teeth and Put on Deodorant).  If you’re going to do beadboard in the bathroom make sure it’s the PVC kind that is waterproof and rot resistant.  They just slide together so it’s super easy.

I don’t think I shared much of the other side of the room since all of the big projects happened in the shower area, but I took the opportunity to test something out that I plan to do in the whole house, which is to replace the door trim and hardware.  I LOVE how it came out!!!  It makes my other doors look like garbage (I’m talking to you Powder Room)
I spent a crazy amount of time thinking about what kind of shelves I wanted in here (no seriously…a CRAZY amount of time) and the winner was these pipe shelves.  The pipes are just black plumbing pipes from Lowes (spray painted with Hammered Black Spray Paint) and the wood for the shelves came from the construction sites around our house, which was great because they were already a little beat up.
I did get one art project in before I shared this post – I really want to put some “inspirational” sayings around the house but I want them to be special.  I stumbled on this one by Emerson on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect thing for my boys to read every day.  I need to darken up the letters more, but if it doesn’t come across in the picture it says “Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind”

So that’s it for now!  Like I said I still have some things to do (artwork, pictures, crown molding, etc). but those are small in the scope of this house and can wait until another day.  Before I go, here’s one last before and after for your viewing pleasure.

Powder Room 2.0

December 30, 2015