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One Room Challenge Week Four…..or how to cram 1 week of work into 3 days!

Welcome back folks!  So full disclosure right off the bat – I took a short break from the ORC for a much needed vacation with my husband to Las Vegas.  We ate delicious food, we basked in the sun at a wonderful pool, and we enjoyed 4 nights of blissful sleep…….the only downside, it meant that I had to cram any week 4 progress into 3 days – GULP…….

When we got back I had one day left off from work so I immediately started to build the last big item on my list – the bed.  Now some people would say that it’s crazy to build a bed in a day and to those people I would say —— yeah you’re totally right, but it’s the One Room Challenge and time’s a ticking!

I had been holding onto my old metal headboard, which was originally an antiqued silver, and wanted to build out a bedframe for it instead of buying a whole new bed.  I spray painted the headboard black and I used these farmhouse bed plans from Shanty 2 Chic and modified them to be a bit shorter to fit the space.  This stain is Varathane’s Briarsmoke and it is one of my favorites – a perfect blend of gray and brown.

The rug is a beautiful Ivory Wool rug from World Market and it is so soft I am seriously debating getting the larger size for my master bedroom.

So weird confession – but I find putting together “bedscapes” much more challenging then they should be, and since they require a decent amount of money I end up spending a lot of time looking for inspiration.  For this room I was lucky enough to find the perfect inspiration for the comfortable/relaxed vibe I was going for from Chris Loves Julia’s guest room bed (PS – totally take a minute to check this couple out if you haven’t already!)  For my spin on their design these are the linens I ended up going with:

Gray Chambray Sheets  |  Waffle Weave Blanket  |  Blue Striped Duvet Cover  |  Green Velvet Pilllow Cover  |  the Metallic Laurel Leaves Pillow was from West Elm but is no longer available

Once the bed was in place I could finally start pulling the room together – which led to a few changes and a much better idea of what I still have left to do, buy, and build.

The biggest change was that I decided to move the smaller antique chair to the other corner and bring in this larger leather chair from our master bedroom to fill the space better – and bonus I actually really wanted a more feminine chair for that room so perfect swap!  I have this lamp from Target coming shortly to replace this black one and contrast the dark chair (which we actually bought almost ten years ago when I worked at Bloomingdales for our first house).

I have a very strange adversity to things matching too much, so I plan to do two different nightstands – on the one side I found this really cute black table at Target, which still needs so serious accessorizing.

The other side I am going to build something custom with a drawer and I’m thinking it will be in the same stain as the bed.

Can we just talk about these scones for a minute?  They are from the Dapper collection Young House Love designed for Shades of Light and I cannot tell you enough how beautiful they are in person!!  The aged brass accents are so special and the combo with the black bring another modern touch that this room really needs.

Besides the end table, my next “To Do” is to get the curtains made and hung.  I searched for a long time but I finally found the perfect fabric from Online Fabric Store.  After what feels like endless sawdust so far I’m looking forward to a few hours in front of my sewing machine this week.

Wow – for only 3 days of work I sure had a lot to say huh?  Honestly though, most of what I was able to bring in this week I had been hoarding for months and just couldn’t wait any longer to start unpacking.

Before I wrap it up I have to share one more piece of news – our lovely host Linda from Calling it Home has decided to extend the One Room Challenge by one week, so we will have a total of 7 weeks to finish not six!  The reason for this is really heart-warming – with the mind-blowing amount of natural disasters reeking havock the last few months many of the participants have been having problems ranging from supplies not arriving on time to un-imaginable flooding.

Be sure to check out the One Room Challenge Blog to read all about it – I can’t wait to see everyone else’s reactions to this change of events.

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October 26, 2017 at 10:43 am

Wow, you've been busy! The bed and the bedding look amazing – I can't believe you built that in one day! I am looking forward to seeing your homemade night stand 🙂

October 26, 2017 at 3:52 pm

Thanks Kelly!! I'm actually shocked I got it built that fast but in retrospect has been a huge relief so I could see where I'm still needing to make decisions : )

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