DIY / One Room Challenge

Adding the Final Details with Legrand Outlets and Switches

This post is sponsored by the Legrand radiant® Collection;  all opinions and experiences are my own.


When you’re taking on a large home makeover there are countless big decisions that need to be made, but many times it’s the small decisions that really make a project special.  One of the easiest changes you can make to a room, that oftentimes gets overlooked, is to replace your electrical outlets and light switches.  Since I’ve been slowly making this change in my own home, I was incredibly excited when Legrand reached out to me to sponsor my Spring One Room Challenge and provide me with products from the Legrand radiant® collection to add those perfect finishing details to my space.



The Legrand radiant® collection offers homeowners many ways to enhance and personalize their lighting and power controls with its unique selection of wall plates, dimmers, switches, and more.  Just as important, the this collection also adds a touch of class and invigorating design to any room.  I could not think of a more perfect product to match my new wallpaper than these simple, beautiful outlets.  I also love that this budget-friendly collection won’t break the bank, especially if you take on one room at a time, with the standard white outlet/wallplate combination running about $8 a piece.



But there’s more to these beauties than just aesthetics – they offer a wide variety of outlet choices from GFCI to built in USB options – and all of them are Tamper-Resistant and designed with a special system to let plugs in, but all other dangerous objects out so (bonus!) you can ditch all of the unsightly child safety covers that come along with parenthood.



One of the options I was really looking forward to trying out was the Night Light outlets.  Between the dining room, front room, and hallway that connects them we have way too many outlets in the same area that aren’t being used, so I went ahead and replaced the one leading into our dining room with the Legrand radiant© adjustable Full Night light that automatically turns on in the evening.  My oldest son has the habit of getting up and going downstairs before the sun rises, and now he isn’t afraid to walk a dark hallway on his own.  I’m thinking about also installing some combination night light/outlet receptacles in a few more places, like the guest and downstairs bathrooms.



To compliment all of my new outlets, I also decided to install the Legrand radiant® Tru-Universal Dimmer.  Since the chandelier in the dining room has 5 bulbs/glass shades, a dimmer is absolutely necessary, and what makes the Legrand radiant® Tru-Universal Dimmer so great is that it automatically detects what type of bulbs you have and adjusts to eliminate flickering and poor dimmer performance (check out all of the info here).  And although I didn’t use it in this space, I’m also super tempted to try out one of their lighted switches in my hallway to help delineate which switches control the inside and outside lights (because after 4 years I STILL can’t remember!)



One of the main reasons I was so happy to partner with the Legrand radiant® collection is that I had already installed the Legrand adorne® collection in my kitchen last year when I completed my back-splash.



The Legrand adorne® collection combines the world’s most innovative light switches and charging solutions with an array of stylish and custom finishes (for example, this wallplate comes in tons of colors AND an option to match to your existing wall color or wallpaper).  But the main reason I love it in my kitchen is that the glossy white style PERFECTLY matches my white subway tile and black grout because while the face plate is glossy white, the sides are black!


Just like the Legrand radiant® collection, the Legrand adorne® collection has a variety of switches, dimmers, and outlets with the same slick screwless look and tamper-resistant feature.  The big difference that I have noticed between the two collections has to do with installation, with the Legrand adorne® products needing a little bit more room in the receptacle boxes to accommodate for wires, especially if you are using some of the specialized options like the USB plug that I have in my kitchen island which, unlike the Legrand radiant® USB charger, is installed separately from the outlet.

And speaking of installation – I definitely think this is a project that does not require a trained electrician as long as you are comfortable with this type of electrical work, or have somebody on hand that is.  I do not have an extensive electrical background, but I have assisted my father (who does) with many electrical jobs around the house and I was able to switch out all of these on my own.  As with any electrical work please be sure that the power is turned at the source off before you begin.  You can find full installation instructions for both collections on Legrand’s website – my advice would be that if you are thinking about adding anything beyond the standard outlets or switches to take a look at your electrical situation before you order to make sure your desired location can accommodate your selection.


Whether you live in an older house and have some almond color outlets looking back at you, or are in new construction and are longing for some better functionality, both the Legrand radiant® collection and the Legrand adorne® collection offer endless choices of diverse functionality and stylish designs to fit every homeowner’s style and budget.