Guest Bathroom Update Round 3


Over the last few weeks I’ve begun the heavy lifting part of my bathroom redo beginning with DEMO TIME

Before I started each part of this, I gave myself a little pep talk and then began to swing away (telling myself that if I really messed up I could always hire a contractor).

First the shower came down – once I got the rythm of this it actually wasn’t that bad….even though I slowly discovered that I would have to replace all of the backer-board because none of it was installed properly….even that went up without much of a problem.  I even got my nifty little niche in – no problems….easy street

And then – I started to try to take up the floor………….and the floodgates opened!!! What I thought was going to be a one day project, ended up taking 3 days.  At least I think I developed some good biceps muscles (at least in my right arm) but I spent those three days covered in dust, cursing every piece of flying tile, and thinking I had made a HUGE mistake.  But – when the dust settled (literally), and I put in the brand new backboard and vaccumed up all the remnants of the old – I was pretty damn proud of myself.

I don’t know if I would ever take on pulling up a tile floor again – in fact I couldn’t even bring myself to write this post until my new tile was sitting happily and snuggly on the floor (next time folks!) – but I came out the other side a much more confident DIYer.

Next post things will start to look a lot prettier I promise (Take a look at the Current project spot for a sneak peek!)

  • Stain the Vanity and add Hardware
  • Remove Shower Tile / Add Shower Niche
  • Replace the Shower Tile
  • Replace Shower Fixtures
  • New Shower Rod and Curtain
  • Remove Floor TIle
  • Replace Floor Tile
  • Add Beadboard and Trim
  • Replace Door Trim
  • Paint
  • Replace Sink Fixtures
  • Replace Light Fixture
  • Add Medicine Cabinets
  • Add Shelves / Hooks / and Accessories