First official building project…………..

I have taken the next step towards learning how to build actual, usable, 3D things!  I had wanted a set of really basic/classic white planters for the front porch since we moved it, but I was never able to easily find what I was looking for.  So once I officially crossed the line into cheapskate territory and started searching for any and all things I could DIY – I came across these plans for exactly what I was looking for and PRESTO!

Well, beforehand I got my hands on these two amazing babies which made the PRESTO so much easier

I just picked up two hanging baskets from Home Depot tonight so I could finally share them (we’ll see how long I can keep these alive….I have already brought down some unkillable succulents with my black thumb).

I also decided to make a small change to my blog so I can keep my “avid” readers up to date on what else I have going on since I usually can’t help but have less than 3 projects floating around at once so be sure to check out the right hand column for sneak peaks of my works in progress —————->

And check back tomorrow for a roundup of my favorite things that me and the boys have done so far this summer!!