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BIG DELIVERY! + the Living Room Plan

Happy Sunday!  We just had a BIG delivery that I am so astronomically excited about and have been wishing for since we moved in – so without further ado I am please to present our new couch –

Since we moved we put together two couches from our townhouse – the one used to sit in our living room and really didn’t see much use (except from the dog) and the other one was the loveseat from our basement….funny story, we actually had to sell the matching couch with the house because we couldn’t get it out of the there without destroying it – it was deep and wonderful and I miss it!

They took quite a beating with the boys and the dog – and they were both microfiber but the microfiber that you need special cleaner to clean and that’s just too much for me (I’m a great organizer, but I am horrible at motivating myself to clean).  So I have been on a 3 year search for a new chaise sectional to replace them that was 1) Big enough to seat us all (which is actually tougher than you think because most chaise sectionals only have a 2 person “couch”, and I wanted a 3 person one), 2) Much easier to clean while still being kid and pet friendly and 3) tall enough so that the Roomba could get under it (you don’t want to know what was lurking beneath the old one).

After 3 years I finally found the answer – it’s this awesome company called Interior Define.  They have custom couches at super affordable prices.  I had read about them from a few design bloggers that I trust and they all raved about their choices, their durability and their service – AND THEY WERE ALL RIGHT!  As soon as I ordered some samples (totally free BTW) somebody from the company (they’re based in Chicago – Holla!) reached out to me and I was able to ask him about fabric options (the one I ended up going with was a polyester weave that he told me that he has and just cleans with Resolve – #2 solved!) and how I could customize the size pretty much to what I needed (#1 solved!)

The model I ended up going with was the Asher in the Wheat Cross Weave with an extra long chaise (and the raised legs solved problem #3!).  It took about 10 weeks total from order to delivery so not for those that lack patience, but if you’re looking for something that is affordable but still different and custom and makes you feel like a total rock-star take a look!  I’ve already got my eye on the Jasper for the eventual basement remodel.

And since I couldn’t let my new lovely lady lay around naked all day, I finally got over my pillow phobia and picked up these from World Market.  They’re all outdoor pillow so I’m crossing my fingers they’ll all be totally ok with stains – I’m probably going to add one or two more but still deciding on what size would be useful.

This thing is so big I can’t even explain it!  The person on the other side of the couch feels miles away and the chaise part is big enough that all 4 of us can fit on it.  I forsee lots of movie nights and afternoon naps (for me!!)

And since it seemed crazy to just write about a couch, I’m going to dedicate the last 25% of this post to sharing my plan for the living room with you all who have stuck with me this long – this is going to be my big summer project so may share some progress posts as I go along.  Below is some quick renderings of my ultimate plan and a checklist for those of you playing at home –

  1.  New Couch and Pillows
  2.  Build new Coffee Table 
  3.  Add Shiplap Wall behind couch / hide speaker wires
  4.  Build Blanket ladder
  5.  Build console table behind couch / hide cords / new lamps w/smart bulbs
  6.  New rug from West Elm
  7.  Art around map?
  1. Window Trim
  2. Hang TV and hide wires
  3. Build new media center
  1. Add floating shelves around fireplace
  2. Add accessories and plants

Not too hard right?  : )

Playroom Final Reveal

April 14, 2017