A Tastier (and more Sustainable) Daily Routine with Café 504 Coffee

Full disclosure friends – I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my 30s!  Only when we bought our first Keurig did that change and I started to get in the habit of enjoying a daily cup (or two).  Lately though, I’ve been taking a hard look at the amount of waste we as a family have been producing (especially in the kitchen) and began to explore how we could change our routines to a more sustainable lifestyle – starting with ditching that pile of daily KCups in lieu of good-old fashioned ground coffee.  Enter the team from Café 504, a small coffee roasting company out of Texas, and their revolutionary Mineral infused coffee!

This post is sponsored by Café 504 but all reviews and opinions are my own.



Café 504 Coffee comes in a variety of blends (KCups, ground, and whole bean) and they all are made from coffee beans infused with the same minerals found in premium spring water giving it a smoother, richer flavor that both me and my husband can really taste – and SMELL! because one benefits of switching back to ground coffee is the amazing aroma each time we open our coffee canister and fill our re-useable KCups with Café 504 medium-dark roast – which gives us the same ease of using our Keurig without the unnecessary waste.




As the temps started soaring this summer, I started craving smooth and sweet iced coffee and the bold taste of Café 504 is the best blend I have found to still let the coffee flavor shine.  This year we made the switch to aluminum straws and while I was at first hesitant because I was afraid of a possible metallic taste, I haven’t found that to be an issue at all, and in fact they only make my iced coffee taste even icier!  And for all those inevitable spills, we keep a roll of re-usable Bamboo paper towels on-hand – they are super heavy duty, machine washable, and can replace 60 rolls of regular paper towels.




When we made the switch to Café 504 ground coffee, I knew that the used grounds could be a potential nuisance, but luckily we had just started using a local compost pick-up service so even they never end up in the trash can.  If you are in the suburban Philadelphia area check out Back to the Earth Compost crew, or google Compost Pickup to see if there is a similar service in your area.



One thing that really drew me to Café 504 is that they support and provide clean water to Co-Ops and small farmers through World Vision.  We are very fortunate to live in an area surrounded by farms and changing our habits to eat locally as much as possible has been a big goal of mine.  Every summer we take part in an organic Crop-Share and this year I started to buy all of our meat from a nearby farm.  Not only is the food tastier and healthier, but believe it or not it really helps with meal planning as each week I have a different variety of products to dictate what I should cook for dinner!



If you’re looking to make some more sustainable choices I hope these ideas have inspired you to make some small (but impactful!) changes to your daily routine…….and if you’re looking to up your coffee game and taste the future of home-brewing click on this link for Café 504 and use my promo code take10 to receive 10% off your first order!




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September 5, 2019