Monthly Round Up

May 2023 Round Up

The end of May beginning of June marks one of my favorite times of year. I can spend the days with my windows open, the excitement of end of the school year activities is in the air, and The One Room Challenge wraps up just in time for CSA season to start. The first pick-up of the new season feels like a mid-year reset and always reminds me how grateful I am that we live close enough to enjoy the food from our local farms and that we have the means to take advantage of them (check out this blog post for my CSA tips). Ever since I began my membership years ago, I’ve slowly fell back in love with cooking…and just as importantly with eating. I honestly prefer carbs and veggies over meat when I’m at home — but my veggies are usually roasted with lots of butter, covered in creamy sauce, or dunked in my favorite homemade ranch dressing.

There’s nothing I find less boring than worrying about what food other people put into their bodies. I can count on one hand the number of diets I’ve put myself on and if I’m really honest it was usually because I felt that as an adult woman (one who grew up amongst the extreme diet culture of the 1990’s) it was just expected that you would be on some kind of mission to lose weight. Unsurprisingly it was a role I could never keep up, especially after I had kids. I’m the mom who eats a second or third slice or pizza at the birthday party — and the cake. I’m the mom who has no problem with wearing a size 12, pays zero attention to my carb or calorie count, doesn’t own a scale, and usually has one tray of baked goods laying around the house. I encourage my kids to try different foods at least once and discourage them from labeling things as “healthy” and “not healthy” because even though my boys are still in elementary school they’ve already shared negative thoughts about their bodies with me. I’ve been struggling with how to end this month’s intro without sounding like I’m launching into universal advice based on what works for me, my body, and my family — so I’ll end just by saying that if you ever find yourself in my kitchen you’ll find no judgement here about what or how much you eat. I just hope that whatever it is it tastes good!

Hang Artwork on your Walls

Here’s an easy one but a push that you might just need to hear — hang artwork on your walls. Almost every styling client I’ve ever worked with has been bothered by their blank walls, but too nervous to hang anything because 1) they don’t want to put holes in the wall or 2) they don’t know what to hang up. Here’s what I tell them — holes are easy to patch (also I love a good leaning piece) and my only rule about what to put on their walls is to hang what makes you happy. There’s no magic formula…just don’t surround yourself with things that bum you out and that includes empty walls! I don’t often advocate for purchasing things you don’t have a spot for, but I make an exception for art. Some of my favorite online spots are Minted, Juniper Print Shop, and Etsy is great if you have something specific in mind and don’t mind printing it yourself.

It’s a scientific fact* that everything looks better underneath a cloche. They serve a dual purpose in my house and I love them equally (and swap them out frequently) for their functional and decorative purposes. On my shelves they hold small and special objects (at Christmas time they’re the home for my antique bottle brush trees) and in the kitchen they are very often full of whatever baked goods I made that week. They also work great as part of a centerpiece when they’re filled with sweet/savory treats, flowers, or party favors.

*It is definitely not a scientific fact

Grilled Clams with Basil Breadcrumbs

It’s prime outdoor cooking season at my house and this is one of my favorite “looks fancy but is super easy” dinners to make on the grill. You just let the clams cook until they open, throw them in a big bowl of garlicky breadcrumbs that soak up all of the juice, and let everyone dig in. A perfect late spring/early summer meal. Click here for the recipe.

We Deserve Monuments by Jas Hammonds

“Family secrets, a swoon-worthy romance, and a slow-burn mystery collide in We Deserve Monuments, a YA debut from Jas Hammonds that explores how racial violence can ripple down through generations.” You know when you’re done a book and saying goodbye to the characters is as hard as saying goodbye to good friends? This was one of those books for me. More than one moment got me incredibly choked up thinking of memories of my own grandma.

One Room Challenge Spring 2023 Reveal

Another ORC in the books and our patio has transformed into the shady, breezy oasis of my dreams. You can catch up on the last three weekly blogs and the final reveal at the links below:

June 2023 Round Up

July 3, 2023