Gift Ideas for Older Kids

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I LOVE getting my Xmas shopping done super early – but shopping for older kids is a whole different ballgame than what I’m used to! My oldest one in particular is right on the line of being OK with a smaller pile of more expensive presents AND still wanting to tear into a lot wrapping paper on Xmas morning. (For context I have one middle schooler who is super into all things sports but also likes to dabble in different hobbies and collections, and one older elementary schooler who loves crafts, video games, and building things). Before I started finalizing lists this year we sat down and had a conversation to set expectations and it hit me that ours days of them going through the Toys R Us toybook and circling what they wanted were over….which led me to creating this year’s gift guides specifically tailored to older kids. Some of these things we already have and some of these things will be under the tree this year, some are pricier and some are perfect for stockings. Honestly my goal is not to give you specific product recommendations (disclaimer time – most of these links are affiliate links so if you make a purchase I will receive a small commission) but to give broader categories that you can use as starting points if you’re stuck for gift ideas but want to give your older kid something to unwrap outside of gift cards.

  • If you’re kids are on the verge of getting deeper into sports, the holidays are an excellent time to gift them some of the expensive gear and clothing they need/want – for us that’s included a new Easton Baseball Bat and Catcher’s Wheeled Bag + some ColdGear for soccer because that can also get pricey.
  • It’s also a great time to invest in or replace at home sports equipment because if you’re kids are anything like mine that stuff disappears at an alarming rate! Some of the biggest hits with my baseball loving son have been this Wiffle Ball Strike Zone Target, this Multi Sport Speed Radar, and this Blitzball Starter Pack. He also loves to watch the sports highlights on the Echo show in our kitchen so I took advantage of Black Friday prices this year and bought him the smaller version that he can keep by his desk.
  • For gamer kids there are tons of options you can explore for their gaming system of choice – which for my kids is the Playstation – including an extra Controller or two + custom Controller Skins, a Charging Station, or a Gaming Headset just to name a few. Also there’s always good deals on video games this time of year – the two my boys are currently obsessed with are MLB The Show 23 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • Last year we took a Disney cruise a few week’s before Christmas and ever since I’ve been jotting down gift ideas for the boys before our next one! This Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera was a big hit last year and there are lots of accessories to go along with it like a sturdy Case, extra Film, and a Photo Album to hold their vacation pics.
  • We also learned a few lessons on the boat so this year they’re both getting a Portable Charger, Cell Phone Lanyard, and an Apple AirTag + Keychain plus a new pair of Crocs. Also, and this one is really specific to cruising but it’s too fun to not pass on, everyone had custom Custom Magnets on their cabin door so I ordered custom ones for all of us for our next trip.
  • Before we can even set foot on the boat though, we have a long long car ride so this year they’re both getting these adjustable neck pillows to make the drive comfier. Some of my favorite ways to keep the boys entertained have been with Paint by Sticker Books and Imagine Ink books (which I just keep an eye out for in the Target Dollar Spot), Travel Bingo Sets, and of course their Ipads which make either Wireless Earbuds or Wired Earbuds a must. And to keep the car clutter under control we use these Car Backseat Organizer for each kid.

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