Monthly Round Up & How I’m Reclaiming the Holidays

I sat down to write an Instagram post, which quickly turned into two posts, and then started to spill over into three […]

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2021 Hilltown House Guide to Holiday Gift Baskets

This year I’m sharing a twist on the traditional gift guide and sharing the gift buying trick that I tried out last […]

12 Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Christmas is just under a week away, which if you’re like me means there is still PLENTY of time to add some […]

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My simple formula for a Festive Fireplace

So yesterday morning I woke up to the most amazing early Christmas present – one of my all time favorite blogger/designer/just awesomely […]

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Quick and easy ideas to decorate a kid’s room for the Holidays

One of my fondest memories of from my childhood Christmases was unpacking the box of decorations my mom kept for me to […]

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Keeping things simpler this Christmas, without losing the holiday magic!

Let’s rewind things to last December shall we?  I had just purged most of my old holiday decor and wanted to expand […]

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